Nirupama Jonny CENTUM hollow watches calendar

Nirupama Jonny CENTUM calendar watch is open hollow dial version of an existing CENTUM calendar. It is not the traditional sense of the hollow - Watch by carving off excess material to show the way to replica watches movement. A Centum calendar hollow form, by another way, transparent color dial, let you see the calendar and the operation mechanism of the moon phase. Centum calendar prototype mechanism with this watch is exactly the same, and Tonda series case, streamlined lugs too, but the Geneva fringe dial is gone; nevertheless, it gives the impression or a more traditional calendar. Retrograde date display and bimonthly phase are well integrated into the overall design, this is a pleasant and harmonious, interesting in technology watch. Nirupama Jonny CENTUM hollow watches calendar Centum calendar prototype Comparison of prototype silver tone, it can be seen that the new version of the hollow visual effect is more cool, more modern, platinum watchcase size is 42 mm, 11.15 mm thick, light blue and black to give it a visual clarity, the calendar complex traditionalists feel well. Interestingly, although you can see so many parts of the calendar, hollowed out does not seem intuitive feel messy; blue transparent dial makes many visual elements in organic integration. Nirupama Jonny CENTUM hollow watches calendar As with the prototype, all other functions on the dial are shown to the package by the date of the jump. The moon is accurate to 122 years before the day of the error of high precision (traditional appearance, drive, consists of 59 tooth disk error every 31.5 months a day). High precision phase disk now has almost become the senior replica watches uk standard. This translucent dial has a dual role: adequate light, calendar bottom institutions see crystal clear, but dark enough, the function display is normal, and the movement details hidden in the dark. Nirupama Jonny CENTUM hollow watches calendar Nirupama Jonny CENTUM hollow rolex replica calendar The movement is Nirupama Jonny's own movement PF333, vibration frequency of dangerous 28800VPH, 32 drill, five range adjustment, double barrel up to 50 hours of power reserve. For a calendar, power reserve is always longer plus, because the calendar is most afraid of stop and go, those who experienced all know that adjusting the calendar is a very painful thing. Core grinding is the standard level of PF, has not yet reached the high level of time to chase the needle. Nirupama Jonny CENTUM hollow watches calendar Worn on the wrist without special surprise; enough comfort and grace, and began to feel a little flashy without substance, slightly virtuoso taste (translucent dial, and the use of platinum), but in a different light play enjoy different levels, it is very interesting. Nirupama Jonny CENTUM hollow watches calendar The side view, or the standard teardrop shaped lugs, feature of which is PF. CENTUM calendar hollowing watches is priced at $75000